"A passion and skill for story telling and importantly, helping others to tell their stories, comes across so clearly when you work with Gina.

She is able to inspire those who would not normally put pen to paper to share their insights with confidence. That is a real talent in my book!"

  • Vijai Balachandra, Vice-President: Partner Development


"Gina's insights and non-stop ideas make her fun and interesting to work with.

She also has a way of bringing the human element into business thinking that makes her ideas so much more compelling."

  • Gareth Bennett, Solutions Consultant

Gina Balarin speaks at TEDx Reading on Marketing in the Era of Authenticity


"Gina is a highly talented inbound marketer with a strong background as a content expert. Gina will crawl over broken glass in pursuit of a clear and simple way of explaining something as crisply and as succinctly as possible...

Her effervescence and relentless energy, combine with her undoubted talent."

  • John Wakeman, CEO, OmPrompt


"Gina... produced a series of market educating content that generated exponential inbound leads and managed guest authors for our social media programs.

Gina is well networked and because she implicitly understands customers, has become a visionary and thought leader in the field of content marketing."

  • Lisa Hutt, VP EMEA Marketing, Concur

Gina Balarin author of The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People
Tree in a book - growing a business through storytelling


"I had the pleasure of watching her completely transform all aspects of the Marketing department.

You only have to talk to and listen to Gina for a few minutes to realise she is a gifted marketeer who can inspire those inside an organisation just as much as attract the right levels of interest from customers and prospects."

  • Ken Sayer, Founder, ContactFinda